Don't Risk it - Let 24/7 Lift it

Welcome to 24/7 Lifting - Crane and Knuckleboom Service



For the city that never sleeps, there is 24/7 Lifting, Inc. We are available day and night including all emergency calls.

24/7 Lifting, Inc. is a Mobile Crane, Knuckleboom Crane, Lifting & Rigging company. We provide lifting services to all five boroughs of New York City and Long Island, as well as Westchester County, the Hudson Valley, Northern NJ, and Southern CT. Our rates are competitive with other mobile crane, knuckleboom and lifting companies in the local area.


"Don't risk it, let 24/7 lift it".

As a company registered with the DOT, we can easily acquire the permits for lane closures. We provide experienced drivers/operators, and can arrange for signal people and licensed riggers when needed. Additionally, we have a Master Rigger on retainer to help with the permits and the set-up of our mobile cranes. Our available rigging and lifting services help minimize these costly and time-consuming inconveniences. All of this allows for a smooth and safe job each time. 

We have the latest equipment, which is well maintained and serviced to ensure the safety of our own personnel as well as the public at large. Our fleet and our capabilities is constantly growing and developing.

Currently, we have four knucklebooms, including a Palfinger 200002, which is the longest boom of any in NYC. Our decision to purchase it was due entirely to our desire to provide the best customer service we possibly can, by providing capabilities not available through any other company. 

We have also recently acquired four mobile cranes. This includes a Liebherr 1220, the largest one in our fleet. 

Please see our Cranes and Knucklebooms page for the complete list of our available equipment as well as their accompanying specifications.